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New York 2011
Visit Gallery As a part of discovering the Americas, the CR-Corporation flew back in June of 2011 to NYC. Discover the overwhelmingness of this highly diverse and gigantic metropolis.

Canada 2011
Visit Gallery After entering Asia with visiting Hong-Kong, the CR-Corporation visited the two rival states of Québec and Ontario in Canada during its first trip to the Americas. Whitness the greatness of French speaking Québec in the cities of Montréal and Québec-Ville, as well as those of English speaking Ontario in the cities of Toronto and Niagara Falls. And finally, gape at the amazing wonder of nature in the form of the dramatic Horseshoe and American falls.

Hong Kong 2011
Visit Gallery First intercontinental journey of the CR-Corporation towards the twin cities of Special Administrative Regions of China: Hong Kong and Macau. Being former colonies of respectively the British Empire and Portugal, they now are part of the People's Republic of China. Discover the hugeness of these cities and see why Hong Kong is called Asia's World City!

Dresden - Wroclaw 2009
Visit Gallery Behold the rich regions in the East! In the summer of 2009 I visited the German city of Dresden and the Polish city of Wroclaw. Both cities suffered a terrible fate in the last days of World War II. Dresden was wiped from the map as a result of one of the biggest allied bombing raids on German cities and Wroclaw (at the time a German city carrying the name Breslau) was turned into a fortress and thus the Russians had to fight their way through the city, including massive devastations. But both cities have risen from the ashes. Let this virtual tour guide you through these regenerations of cities that once were (and now are trying to be again) the capitals of one of the richest regions of Eastern Europe.

Paris 2007 JDB4
Visit Gallery Les images de Paris et la gare de Liège-Guillemins, prises en juin 2007. Une partie des images a été prise pendant la 4ième édition de la Journée de Bienvenüe, la sortie officielle de la communauté de Symbioz.

Maestricht 2007
Visit Gallery Images de Maestricht, la capitale de la Province du Limbourg Néerlandais. Laissez-vous guider dans la plus ancienne ville des Pays-Bas ! (descriptions en français)

Images of Maastricht, the capital of the Dutch province of Limburg. Take a virtual trip to the oldest city of the Netherlands! (descriptions in French only)

Paris 2007 I (PCC)
Visit Gallery Pictures of the first visit of 2007 to Paris. Most of these pictures were taken during the special activity day of the Symbioz community (this is also the reason why this gallery contains very little pictures, for on most of them there are people of this community). Eyecatcher is the visit of the PCC (central command post) of the Parisian subway line 4.

Congrès CNRS 2006 Futuroscope
Visit Gallery Gallery devoted to the congress "Rencontres CNRS Jeunes, Sciences et Citoyens" (debates between scientists and science students) from the 27th until the 29th of October 2006 in the Palais de Congrès Futuroscope in Poitiers (west France). Descriptions in French.

Gallerie de photos dédié au congrès "Rencontres CNRS Jeunes, Sciences et Citoyens" du 27 au 29 octobre 2006 au Palais de Congrès Futuroscope (Poitiers). Descriptions en français.

Paris 2006 II (JdB)
Visit Gallery Pictures of the latest visit to Paris, in combination with a trip to Geneva, most in particular a visit of the C.E.R.N. The gallery is not big, due to the many detailed pictures that were taken, wich won't be very interesting to everybody. In case you're interested, please send a message to the CR-Corporation.

Berlin 2006
Visit Gallery Behold the capital city of Germany: Berlin. With updates on the most interesting construction sites. It looks like Berlin wants to finalize some minor projects before the World Championship this summer. Streets are being face-lifted and the new Hauptbahnhof will finally open. In the meantime history is wiped out with the demolition of the Palast der Republik, where the DDR parliament met before 1989.

Paris 2006 ADEMAS
Visit Gallery Take a virtual trip through the Parisian subway and have a look at places where you normally never get: closed stations and stations that haven't been opened at all (due to changing plans while people where already constructing them). Thanks to the association ADEMAS it was possible to travel on board of a Sprague Thomson and go back in time...

Hannover 2006
Visit Gallery Take a virtual trip from Aachen to Hannover and back. As usual, the transportation means are thoroughly represented. Hannover, the city where the World Fair of 2000 was held, is located in the very heart of Germany. It's city center was heavily damaged throughout World War II, but magnificently restored, as these pictures will show.

Visit Gallery A small one-day visit of the Belgian capital: Brussels (Bruxelles/Brussel). The gallery contains mainly pictures of the newly renovated Atomium, a building that was contructed for the World Fair. Furthermore the main TGV station "Bruxelles-Midi" (or "Brussel-Zuid") is subject of the images.

Marseille 2006
Visit Gallery The CR-Coporation has just returned from a 4-day visit of the mediterranean city of Marseille, located in the south of France. Take a virtual trip through France oldest city, founded by the Greeks under the name of Phocaea. The city breaths the mediterranean atmosphere and is at the same time great in its own special way. The city has a clear identity which welcomes every traveller arriving in the city. The CR-Coporation used the famous TGV services from Paris to Marseille to get there. Go and explore!

Paris 2005 Patrimoine
Visit Gallery Pictures of a very special visit of Paris, dedicated to the "Journées du Patrimoine" (17 and 18 september 2005). Absolute toppers were the circulation of the Sprague Tomson (historic subway) on line 7, dating from the thirties. Also RATP officials offered a spectacular occasion to drive a bus under supervision. Doing so changes really the way you look on bus drivers, it's way not that easy as it looks. Have a look right now and let the CR-Corporation take you back in time!

The Netherlands 2005
Visit Gallery Finally some pictures for foreign visitors, whom in this gallery may discover my city (Maastricht) and the political and economic heart the Netherlands. Pictures from an old medieval city (Maastricht) to the new high-tech constructions like the High Speed Line and modern city centers in Rotterdam and Den Haag (The Hague). The pictures date from august 2005. Descriptions in English only.

Paris 2005
Visit Gallery Pictures of the youngest visit in july 2005 to Paris. Once again some valuable meetings were on the program and a lot of new things have been seen. Under these a visit (finally) of Versailles, altough I only did the exterior, for the interior there were too many people. Here I would like to thank again my Parisian friend who made it possible to climb the Notre Dame so fast and so cheap. Descriptions in English only.

Berlin 2005
Visit Gallery Pictures of the visit to the German capital city of Berlin. The newly opened connection by easyJet between Berlin Schönefeld and Maastricht Aachen Airport proved to be a very nice connection! This gallery also includes probably the very last pictures that were ever taken from the [i]inside[/i] of the Palast der Republik, the former building where the DDR-parliament met. Descriptions in English only.

Madrid 2005
Visit Gallery Pictures of the visit in february 2005 to the Spanish capital, Madrid. Madrid is certainly a world-class capital with a very luxurious city-centre where practically every building is worth taking a picture of. Have a look at an astonishing collection beautiful pictures that take you from Cologne-Bonn Airport to the very centre of Madrid. Descriptions in English only.

Paris 2004 Première Visite (Grand Tour)
Visit Gallery The impressions from the Grand Tour 2004 where the CR-Corporation undertook the long journey of 4 days to travel to Paris by bike. After that of course, some days were also spent for Paris itself and some interesting meetings. In this gallery you can find many pictures taken from the Eiffel Tower, probably the most famous building of Paris. Descriptions in English only.

London 2004
Visit Gallery Pictures of the 4 day trip to the British capital, London in March 2004. Guide yourself along the most famous monuments of the city and view the pictures of the high-tech extension of the Jubilee Line. Descriptions in English only.

Paris 2003 Seconde Visite
Visit Gallery Pictures from Paris in July 2003. This was the second visit of the CR-Corporation to Paris in 2003. This was the first visit where the CR-Corporation made high resolution imagery, which announced the beginning of this Galleries category. Descriptions in French and Dutch.

Paris 2004 Seconde Visite
Visit Gallery Pictures of the second visit (S.V.) of 2004 to the french capital, Paris in octobre 2004. A great trip with some very valuable meetings, but here only pictures from the principal sites in the city. View Paris from a different angle than in 2003. Descriptions in French and Dutch.

Berlin 2004
Visit Gallery Pictures of the last (third) visit of the CR-Corporation to the German capital, Berlin in August 2004. Have a look a fast developing metropole where ancient monuments and new architecture are meeting. Descriptions in English only.

Lyon 2004
Visit Gallery Here are the pictures of the first visit of Lyon, a french metropole in the south-east of the country. The city breaths a totally different atmosphere than Paris, but has its greatness in its own way. Very recommendable city if you're looking for a city offers both a lot to see and a nice friendly atmosphere. The gallery contains also pictures from the new TGV station Satolas (Saint Exupéry). Descriptions in French and Dutch.

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